Friday, May 8, 2009

Will be MIA

Hi All,

We've returned from Camp Lenjeune, NC collecting our son's truck and belongings. He's deployed over to Afghanistan. That was a really hard goodbye to say. Please keep all the military in your thoughts and prayers. He did get a calling card and called us from the Russina border...having a 2 hr. layover. He said it was very cold there. Said they had a 10 hour layover in Ireland and absolutely loved it there. He said it was beautiful rolling country and the people were extremely polite and friendly. Again, a tearful goodbye when the line beeped indicating his calling card was about to run out♥

I'll be offline for a bit as we're moving into a new house. We've kept our pc's up as long as we can and today's the day to disassemble them. My keyboard is echoing in this empty room I'll be back online hopefully by the end of the month....and will be very anxious to get some tuts out to you all.

Take Care.


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