Sunday, September 11, 2016

Have a Question...

Hi Peeps!

It feels like it's been forever and have missed you all very much!!

I've been getting the itch to write tutorials again.   It would probably be part-time and sporadic for a while until I can figure out a groove to get into, but would any of you be interested in doing them?  And since I've been out of the loop for so long, do any of you have links to Free To Use kits? 

On another PSP topic...adding credit and copyright...  It seems that that part of the tag has changed as well (I think).  But is it a requirement now to add not only the copyright of the artist but also the kit and designer name, too?

Thanks in advance for any replies :)


  1. Welcome Back Bev! I would be interested in trying your tuts! No the Designers Kit and name is not a requirement,PFD tried to do that with the kits in the store but changed it bk after numerous complaints from. Here is a link to Creatively Free that people post links of all things they find that are free including kits. Hope you have facebook.

  2. Thank you LisMarie!! Info and link much appreciated!!

  3. Hi Bev
    I'd be interested in doing your tuts, also sending members here to do them too. There are some forums where the OWNER demands tube copyright and info for scrapkits, but they are few and far between. Most kit-makers say it is not their requirement in their TOU.
    There are tons of ftu kits available, I usually google what I am looking for....check out the blog trains too - normally if you start following one blog train you hit on loads more along the way - I can be gone for hours! lol
    There are some here covering a lot of months:

    Hope these help a bit
    Jani (JaniUK1 is my usual tag-making ID)

  4. OMG...... OMG....... guess who's doin' the Happy Dance..... woohoo.... yes yes yes......and IF I can find the TIME........ I'd love to do your tuts but for now count me in as an "emergency tagger".... and ... oh!

  5. Thanks so much Jani for sending peeps and also for the links, awesome!!

    Mz, you're too funny! Should I make scraps again I'll definitely look you up - thanks so much!!

  6. Yeah it's good to have you back Bev you have been missed. I for one love your tuts and can't wait to be doing them again. You make fabulous scrap kits and if you feel the urge to start making them again I know a lot of people will be happy.

  7. oh my goodness, thank you Leo. Wish I had a LOT more time to tut a lot like I used to....

  8. love your tuts and often come and try some I haven't tried in the past and is always nice to see you write a new one,and get to try it out...... and appreciate all your kits that you have shared with us,your awesome.......

  9. That would be awesome! I love your tuts and would be doing the happy dance of joy if you decide to do more here and there. :) You've been so missed.